It is no denying the fact that Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing platform for brunch pics. It witnesses 500 million users. It is a different world where visual content is the important part of marketing strategy for any business. It gives a great opportunity to businesses to represent your brand visually, keep it top of mind for all the users who use it every day and celebrate its personality. Here are the brands thriving on Instagram every day and how their posts set them apart.


It offers shared office spaces in nations and cities across the world. They do their job well in capturing the places in a way that make their followers crave to jump into the pictures. They consistently post pictures of their shared workspaces. They capture and share moments on Instagram from some large brand events that members look ahead. They use hashtags to label the events.

National Geographic

There is hardly anyone on Instagram who didn’t like National Geographic yet. It posts pictures from contributors who are traveling across the world, from urban areas to small African villages and the Arctic. The brand has huge following – up to 60 million followers, and become one of the top brands on Instagram worldwide. Founded on 1888, the brand is largely famous for print magazines. It is the brand which stays up to date with ever-changing marketing world.

Coca Cola Argentina

Coca Cola is known to have great social media presence across the world and the company turns out to become the prominent brand on Instagram. It really knows its target audience which is likely to be young people who give more preference to friendship, fun and sports. And the personality of the brand reflects its playfulness, happiness, friendliness and freshness. It is all about sharing happy moments. Just have a look on how this brand celebrates the moments and target audience on Instagram. Top two photos also have signature red from the brand. The color features their recognition as a brand. Around 80% of users use this color consistently to be recognized.


British retail giant ASOS doesn’t only post appealing pictures of models and its clothing line to their Instagram account, it does that very well. Things get more interesting when it features its stylists to work and give an account to each who is associated with this brand. Including @asos_debbie, there are other stylists affiliated to ASOS serve as lifestyle brand ambassadors. They are virtually fashion bloggers, according to Elissa Hudson, HubSpot Marketing Manager.

Each of these stylists have their own personality, with great Instagram following and it publishes content to their own Instagram accounts which are much similar to the content posted by the bloggers.  Some of them are basically fashion bloggers. People behind ASOS’s official account post the images of brands’ accessories and clothing, stylists, and things which address the personas of buyers.


It is a natural soda brand which is proud to produce 0 Calorie drink without any artificial sweeteners. It is aimed to reach audience that values friendship, wellness and fun. Its personality reflects it to be friendly, bright, and cool and how it fits in your healthy living, without losing your vivid persona.