When the monotony prevailed after the whole world tried their hands with Facebook, it was time for something to wave that off. Well, then came the advent of a little different social networking website, Instagram. For those of you who aren’t aware, the website is supported by two major pillars, the first being your photos whereas the latter being the audience. The first pillar or the pictures can be shared publicly or privately, it all depends on your choice. Whereas, the second pillar or followers to be precise can be both, collected and grabbed.

So, for those of you craving to enhance your follower’s list, here are a few tried and tested, legit techniques to pull that off well.

Public Accounts- For the novice, Insta, Indeed, this website too has a pet name, much like Facebook possesses Public and Private Feature. The more public you are about your Insta life, the more will be your followers. However, for the one’s seeking privacy can allow the only limited audience to intervene in their life.It is the same as accepting friend requests on Facebook.

Hashtags–The credit of breathing life into hashtag undoubtedly goes to Instagram. Well, other than adding ‘x’ factor to your life and images, the sole purpose of introducing it were to make photo filtering easy.The grouping of photographs is done on the basis of hashtags.That indeed highlights the importance of placing relevant tags underneath your photographs. Three is an ideal number to get your picture some fame under the right grouping.

Regular Uploads¬-Well, one important thing to make your website way different from Facebook would be curbing the relevance of dormant users. Unlike Facebook, where even if you remain dormant, your numbers of friends aren’t hampered. It doesn’t go that cool with Instagram. In order to attract more followers, the account needs to be updated with captivating content from time to time. Now that doesn’t really mean flooding it with one every next hour, a picture a day should be standard pace.

Filters-Yet another beauty of this website is that one doesn’t need to knock other doors for some beautification feature as that comes inbuilt. With the wide range of filters and a prior sneak peak of the final outcome helps you a great deal with a better selection. Your choice of beauty filters is bound to attract some editing savvy enthusiasts towards your quality work.

Well, this is just a glimpse of how you can actually rule the Instagram world, download and install it to experience it all by you.